About us

PPE-GSG S.A. de C.V.

We have a qualified team with more than 30 years of experience in the sector.

The products and brands we offer have been carefully selected so that they meet high standards of quality, design and innovation, and are offered at a competitive price in the market.

The word quality is impregnated in our DNA, which is why we take care of even the smallest detail in our products and services.

We present ourselves as a young, dynamic and professional company, with the necessary infrastructure to cover projects of any magnitude.


We are committed to distribute and deliver medical and hospital products in a timely manner.

We have a Quality Management System that we continuously improve focused on the satisfaction of our customers, relying on collaborators to perform this function.


To make specialized and cutting-edge products and services available to doctors and Hospital Institutions, in order to constantly improve medical services, always seeking the well-being of patients.


To be a leading company in the commercialization of medical equipment, furniture, surgical instruments and quality and innovative services, for the strengthening of the public and private health system in Mexico and globally.


Since the medical equipment industry is highly demanding, we privilege the experience and knowledge of our technical and administrative personnel that allows us to satisfy the needs of each of our customers. In addition, we encourage the training and continuous development of our work team.


Pleasant environment in which to develop personal and professional growth within our organization.

Learning and adaptability

We adapt to continuous improvements in the growth of the organization so that our vision can be achieved.

Transparency in service

Provide Clear, True and Accurate information that is of vital importance in Sales operations.

Social responsibility

Our organization is committed to the welfare of the community by contributing to the improvement of life.


Main tool based on operating systems to meet the needs of our market.


To provide confidence in sales operations in our labor market with related parties.