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The official site of PPE-GSG S.A. DE C.V. respects the user's right to privacy and the necessary measures are taken to keep the information provided by the user secure. Good use will be made of this information and the necessary measures will be taken to keep your information secure in accordance with the following:

In compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (hereinafter "the Law"), we inform you of the following:

1.- The personal data that the user provides us and the treatment that will be given to said information will be carried out under these terms and conditions, therefore, from this moment it is understood that the user gives his consent for said treatment.

2.- The information obtained will be directly by the user and with their full consent.

3.- The personal information obtained will be managed and will have the use that will be described below: Identify and locate him as a user, be able to communicate with the user, contact him, send information, statistical purposes, attend comments and / or opinions, invite the user to be part of the social networks of PPE-GSG S.A. DE C.V., among others.

invite the user to be part of the social networks of PPE-GSG S.A. DE C.V., among others.

4.- It is the responsibility of the user, that the personal data provided is truthful and complete, as well as communicating any changes in them, in order to give a good follow-up to our services. For more information see "Cookies Policy"

5.- The handling of the personal information that is provided to us will be used for a reasonable time and only to fulfill the obligations that derive from the link with this site.

6.- The information obtained from the user will be kept and protected with the technological and physical means that we consider appropriate to avoid loss, misuse, alteration and / or theft. The workers and people authorized to handle it will be the only ones who can have access to this information.

7.- In the event that it is required to use your personal data other than those already written, the user will be notified in writing, by telephone, electronically or by any optical, sound or visual means that technology allows to give him said information with in order to obtain your authorization.

With this writing we duly inform users of this Website and assume that the user accepts the above terms in compliance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals and its Regulations.

This site does not undertake to keep you informed of any changes that this Privacy Notice may undergo when it presents modifications, due to certain legal requirements or our own needs for the services offered.

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